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Our Instructors

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


There is an old saying used in relation to those who teach the fine arts. It goes like this:


"Those who can, do; those who can't, teach."

                                    George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

As usual, Shaw exaggerates; but there is more to it than he allows. 


Our Story

Many art students may have encountered the seeming truth in Shaw's derogatory statement in institutions of all kinds and at all levels.  At Abbey Art Works, we strive to go well beyond that. Our goal is to gather together instructors who come closer to another, even older, quote:

"Those who know, do.

Those that understand, teach."


And, finally , we continue our own studies and retain the desire to learn in order to then say,

'we are those who do, who know, who understand, and who teach.'

Passing On Many Lifetimes of Learning.

Our instructors have proven to be successful, working artists, whose own educational histories range from private artist mentoring, university art departments, and Art Schools from New York City to Florence, Italy.

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