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Members of The Guild of St. Luke and their guests are invited to attend this annual

celebration of

The Feast of St. Luke, the medieval Patron Saint of Painters  


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as we help Abbey Art Works grow. 

Auzeclos Ozols.jpg


Auseklis Ozols is an American painter and fine arts educator, based in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Ozols was born in Latvia in 1941. He moved to the U.S. with his family in 1950 and studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and also at the Trenton School of Industrial Arts.

Ozols founded the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts in 1978 to gather together artists and aspiring artists and to teach Classical techniques, stressing working from life. As of 2007, he continues to actively serve as both the Director and an instructor.


Ozols's work is well regarded by fellow painters. He is noted for being fluent with a wide repertory of artistic techniques and styles seldom mastered by a single individual. His noteworthy students have included artists Matt Rinard, Tony Green, Beverly K. Effinger, and Robert William Guthrie.

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