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Auzeklis Ozols Lecture
Coming Up Soon
New Feature  Art History Shorts
Cheryl Casso (Corizzo)

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Wrapping Up the Thoughtful Isolation Project

The original photograph.

The last entry was received the first week in September. We are working to organize them into a digital record. When all is ready, we will have close to sixty wonderful works to show to each other!

A date will be chosen for our potluck gathering and sharing of art work as soon as we get the Covid green light from the Abbot.

We will be in touch with all the painters soon!

Auseklis Ozols
Watch Here for the Date of His  Next Lecture

Founder and Director,

The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts 1978 - 2020



Life Painting & Drawing - Portrait - Landscape (en-situ) -

Developed Special Class : Color Theory & Basic Design -

Taught for 40 years at NOAFA.

Marble Surface

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Abbey Art Works

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Alan Flattmann






Painting, science, &

the life of the soul

oil & water

glaze & wash

Glaze & wash

Oil & water


Leonardo's Legacy:

Painting, Science, and the Life of the Soul-Monday








Painting from the Soul
Recent Exhibit: The New Orleans Academy of fine Arts





Copperplate Etching

Welcome to our unique double dip


You Decide


Painting the

Costumed Model


Auseklis Ozols

Auseklis Ozols

Plein  Air Workshop


Phil Sandusky

The Abbey Church,

Phil Sandusky, 2019

Coming in February 2021!

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Re-opening in September

 Monday and Thursday Afternoons

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"First Light on Abbey Pond",  Lyn Hill Taylor

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Join the St. Luke Guild.

Join the Guild!!

Jason Berry will sign copies of his rave reviewed new book.

Jason Berry, Author, speaker at 2019 Arts at the Abbey.

Exhibit by Nancy Tigert of her paintings of Fontainebleau Part shown at Arts at the Abbey Day 2019.

Nancy Tigert, artist exhibitor at 2019 Arts at the Abbey Day. Started at AAW as a beginner.

Phillip Sage, acknowledged Master Printmaker, instructs Br. Leo Franca, O.S.B. in the rudiments of the etching process.

Open Studio Mondays

An opportunity for self-directed students to work in our studio without instruction.

St. Luke's Day 2017

On October 18, the feast day of St. Luke, of each year we celebrate the arts with Lecture & Luncheon.

Learn to Let go & Open Up

Leonardo's Legacy Introduction Class student, Laura Robert, showed great courage and confidence in her first painting. The exercise was to use one set of complementary colors and show a light source.

Abbot Justin Brown, O.S.B.

Steadfast supporter of the arts and friend to all at Abbey Art Works.

Painting As Symbolic Narrative

Lyn Hill Taylor, AAW Artist is working on a series of charcoal, graphite, and etched images.

Leonardo's Legacy

.."I shall not refrain....from offering a new form of contemplation." wrote Leonardo da Vinci in his 'Treatise on Painting'.

Color Your World

Finally a class where the truth about color is told! The nature, history, and use by painters of the colors we thought we understood. Mixing paint will never be difficult again. Legacy Plus Module 4 Starts May 16

Benedictine Monk

Theophilis Presbyter, ( first half of 12th century) Benedictine monk who wrote thr first important treatise on painting, glass-making, and metalwork. Theophilus was probably the pseudonym of the goldsmith monk Roger of Helmarshausen. ...credited with inventing oil painting. From: Theophilus Presbyter in The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages »

AAW Students at Their Easels

AAW is for those who always wanted 'to give painting a try'. Perhaps now - as an avocation or a retirement activity, is the time/

Lyn Taylor, Leonardo's Legacy

Carolyn LeBlanc, Wildlife Art

Award winning pastellist teaches the details of representing wildlife and domestic animals.

Working primarily in acrylic paint, the student explores mark making.

Alan Flattmann, Instructor

Nationally recognized Master Pastelist offfers Landscape and Portrait Instruction year round.

Phillip Sage is known worldwide for his depictions of life in the city of New Orleans. teaches etching in AAW Printmaking Studio.

Robert Labranche, Instructor

Basic Drawing Illustrate & Illuminate

The AAW Pioneers

Some of the first students at AAW- dedicated, successful and appreciated!

AAW Rose Window

Designed by Lyn Taylor with Abbot Justin's approval to use the Abbey's rose window and arch format to literally 'reflect' how the arts and the contemplative live compliment one another.

Beginners are a specialty!

We are on hand to greet and help you>

Students at work.

Our home on campus.

Marble Surface
Marble Surface

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Saint Joseph Abbey Campus

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Our profound thanks goes to Abbot Justin and the Community of Benedictine Monks who have made AAW a reality.
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This New Weekly Class for Beginning Drawing Students will be held on Friday Mornings starting in January 2021. 

Jaclyn Warren

INtermediate Drawing

Watch for a Weekend Workshop at the AAW Coop- get to know our new instructor.

Moer information soon.

Coming in April. Weekly course in charcoal and graphite including the still life. landscape, and portrait.

Stay posted for more information.

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