We paint to let our souls know that we are listening.

Get out and paint this spring.

It will be good for your soul after being cooped up for so long...


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Alan Flattmann Plein Air Workshop

May 17 - 21, 2021

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Plein Air - 8 Weeks Exclusive Access

The Abbot's Garden - The Wild Ponds and Sky - Architecture - Water Reflections and More

Plus exhibit in the new AAW Gallery!

Lyn Hill Taylor: Thursdays: 9 - noon

Starts April 8

$175 per month or $45 per day

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The Abbot's Garden May 2021

by Pat Helm

Oil & Water Class

Drawing   Painting   Etching   Art History   Realism   Abstraction   Printmaking   Oil Painting  Still Life


Watercolor  Acrylics   Manuscript Illumination   Landscape   Still life   Portraiture 

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Saint Joseph Abbey

Covington , La.

Painting the Abbot's Garden

April 2021


Alan Flattmann Plein Air Workshop

May 17 - 21


Call    985-327-1021

email  www.info@abbeyartworks.com">www.info@abbeyartworks.com

Online Registration Now Open

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LeonARDO'S Legacy

AAW Signature Class

Required for Beginning Students

Next Offered in Fall 2021 

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8 Weeks Plein Air

The Abbot's Garden and More 

Thursday Mornings 

Starts April 8

Per day $45

Advanced Still Life
Spring 2021
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The last entry was received the first week in September. We are working to organize them into a digital record. When all is ready, we will have close to sixty wonderful works to show to each other!

A date will be chosen for our potluck gathering and sharing of art work as soon as we get the Covid green light from the Abbot.

We will be in touch with all the painters soon!

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2021 Schedule

AAW Staff Instructors

& Their Courses


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The first Four Weeks in Pictures

 $175 per month . 

Schedule & Fees
Monthly Sessions Start Again
On the First Monday In September 2021
After the four week Introduction to Leonardo'e Legacy, students may elect to enroll for the full semester session for a total of five months of hands on exercises in drawing, design, color theory, and oil painting.

Like no art class you have ever attended.

* Required Course for all beginning students.


designed by AAW 

Artistic Director, Lyn Hill Taylor. 

The Eight Week Introduction

This method uniquely combines three processes:  the traditional Atelier System, as in the old guilds or Renaissance workshops; the results of decades of research, study, professional practice in the art of painting; and scientific investigation and experimentation in contemporary neuroscience, with provable, repeatable results.

The teaching program is based on a unique method,developed at Abbey Art Works, "Leonardo's Legacy:

Painting, Science, and the Life of the Soul" where Da Vinci's own words, seen through modern science's

knowledge of visual perception, has shown that we all have the tools to draw and paint successfully.

Students learn the importance of mindful preparation for the learning experience, the nature of the

creative model, the path to 'the flow', and how our brain teaches us to paint.


Color theory is explored. We learn the fascinating history

of the Renaissance artist's use of earth pigments, the

Impressionist's  new mineral palette, and the modern

artist's chemical colors. 

Mixing and using color becomes easy through the

introduction of our exclusive AAW Teaching

Palettes and

the Munsell Color Sphere.  


Through assigned projects, students


learn to understand the AAW Method in the


of painting.

The result is a teaching program that opens

the world of painting to all, that proves its

effectiveness with the most recent

neuroscience, and shows how the

contemplative nature of painting is

simply good for the soul.

This Program was designed for all those people who always wanted

to give painting a try.

It is not too late. Our oldest student is 96 years old.

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in depth instruction 

drawing   watercolor   oil painting